6 de janeiro de 2010

A Prayer at the New Year

By Paramhansa Yogananda

Divine Mother, give Thy children of all nations a new consciousness of brotherhood in this new year, that they may emerge from the gory fields of war, and heal all wounds with the salve of Christ-love and the lasting balm of righteousness.

Cosmic Mother, awaken in us Thy hidden, impartial love for all; bless us that we may be free from the sway of greed and delusion.

Let us build a United States of the World, where famine, disease and ignorance are memories only of our dismal past.

Creative Mother, arouse us to knowledge of Thy plan, when Thou didst structure the cosmos and people it with reasoning creatures.

Let us realize we are not animals, who can settle their differences only by might, since in them the light of reason was withheld.

Wilt Thou not guide Thy human children to arrive at all conclusions without the aid of jungle logic?

Bless us, 0 Mother of the Universe, with Thy sweet, impersonal love, wherein no man has any name but Brother, nor any goal but peace.

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